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The subject of pelvic pain and its treatment is evolving.  While we do not claim to be experts in any one of the different pelvic floor areas of treatment, we are certainly in touch with pertinent information and resources regarding pelvic therapy and its treatment due to our network of healthcare practitioners all around the globe. Because of this, we will continue to list new resources (Facebook support groups, blogs, helpful articles, etc.) that we believe will be helpful in offering information, support, and comfort to our customers.
Our PT Locator continues to expand, growing rapidly thanks to the hundreds of submissions we’ve received from clinics all over the world. We try our best to make sure each clinic’s information remains up to date so that we can ensure this resource stays helpful and informational to our customers – or anyone for that matter- that suffer from the disorders that our TheraWands aim to treat.
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Ascension Columbia St Mary’s Ozaukee

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11725 N Port Washington Rd, Suite 200, Mequon, WI 53092

Ascension Columbia St Mary’s Ozaukee


About Stacy

Stacy graduated from Marquette University in 1993 in physical therapy and received her doctorate (DPT) from Evidence in Motion in 2018. As part of her doctorate, Stacy completed a “Therapeutic Pain Specialist” certification and has a special interest in helping people manage chronic pain. She has practiced in a variety of clinical settings, working early on at the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee. She began learning about women’s health and pelvic health while working in her own private practice (and rehabbing her own post-partum issues) and then specializing in this area at a private practice clinic. Stacy has recently accepted a new job at Ascension Columbia St Mary’s in Mequon as a pelvic health PT.

​Stacy is continually focused on taking continuing education, with specialized coursework in Pelvic Health, manual therapy and movement science. She is also a movement & yoga teacher and finds many unique ways to incorporate yoga and body awareness into her patient’s rehabilitation. Helping people with incontinence, post-partum issues, and pelvic pain or dysfunction return to fitness or activities they love to do (or need to do) is a passion. Stacy views her role as collaborative- focused on each person’s unique goals and journey.

Question and Answer with Stacy:
What have been the highlights along your professional journey so far?Early on while working at the VA, I learned the value of a teamwork approach in helping people with complex medical conditions. More recently, learning to teach movement and restorative yoga classes has given me a new perspective for helping people with pelvic-health related issues. Most of all, I have loved being able to help guide people in their recovery back to activities in their life that had become too painful or too difficult.
What can a patient expect from a physical therapy session with you?I have learned the importance of really listening to my patients. I care about each and every person I see and want to hear their story, seeing them holistically and deciding on goals together. After a thorough evaluation, each session tends to use a combination of hands-on manual therapy work, specific movement or individualized exercise and education. I am always evaluating how progress is going to see if we need to change direction or do something different. I expect my patients to be actively involved in their rehab and their “homework” may include a variety of activities that we agree on together, making sure it is doable and fits within their lifestyle.
How do you stay healthy and well?I love hiking, yoga and what I call “exploratory movement”, getting creative and making things up as I go. I’m working on getting back into jogging and lifting weights. Variability in my exercise routine is key to me. I try to eat well-balanced meals. Getting good and plentiful sleep is always a challenge but a necessity for me!
What are your favorite hobbies/things to do?I most enjoy nature trails and hiking alone or with friends, as well as yoga- it’s a great way to clear the mind!  In the past, I have enjoyed painting in a variety of mediums, including murals. Most of all, I love to spend time with my husband and 4 kids through their activities, exploring new restaurants, visiting parks or local swimming holes or just hanging out at home.
Conditions I can help with (if you don’t see yours on this list, just ask!):
    • Urinary Incontinence and Overactive Bladder
    • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Interstitial Cystitis
    • Pelvic Pain
    • Vulvodynia, Vaginismus
    • Piriformis & Buttock pain
    • Diastasis recti
    • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain
    • Sacro-iliac, tailbone or hip pain
    • Male pelvic pain
    • Constipation
    • Abdominal pain (with completed medical workup)
    • Fecal incontinence
    • Pudendal Neuralgia
    • Dyspareunia (pain with sex)     
    • Neck & Back pain   
    • Sciatica                                                     
    • Cervical Headaches 
    •  Arthritis pain       
    •  Plantar fasciitis and foot pain   
    • Hip pain
Physical Therapy:
 I am now working  with a focus on Pelvic Health Physical Therapy.  My focus is on incontinence (leaking urine with activity or urgency), pelvic pain (women and men), low back pain, bowel dysfunction & constipation and pregnancy or post-partum issues. If you have non-pelvic health related issues you would like to see me for, an appointment can be requested. Most insurances are accepted and cash pay also available. 

Clinic Address:
Ascension Columbia St Mary’s at Concord Center
11725 N Port Washington Road
Mequon, WI  53092

An initial assessment is about 60 minutes and includes going through your intake forms, a thorough history, a movement screen, evaluation and treatment and education. If you are seeing me for a pelvic floor related problem and not sure what a physical therapy exam of the pelvic floor looks like, this video is a wonderful explanation.  We will work together to come up with a plan of care and discuss your goals for treatment. Follow up appointments are usually around 60 minutes.  We will work together utilizing movement/exercise prescription, gentle manual therapy, learning body awareness principles, discussing habits, lots of education, goal-setting, stress management self-care, as well as other tools. ( breathing techniques, core integration, etc).

What to bring and wear? Please bring or wear shorts or clothes/pants you can easily move in (pants that roll up above the knee.)  A notebook to jot down notes and questions is also a good idea.

Group Classes:
I periodically offer group movement classes or workshops. The cornerstone of my classes is exploratory exercises, functional movement, yoga poses, reflexive core and body awareness work, although I bring in a variety of other resources.  Please visit my “About” pages to learn more about these classes and the Group Class Schedule to see what is currently being offered.

​I am available to teach workshops on pelvic health topics to the general public or to yoga, pilates and fitness instructors. Contact me for details!

Contact Information
Phone: 262-241-2131

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