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What Is A TheraWand?

The top-notch quality and specialized design of the TheraWand makes it the Premier Pelvic Massage Wand. Individuals and Healthcare Practitioners from around the world use the TheraWand for its effectiveness and ease of use. Using the TheraWand can mimic what pelvic specialists do with their hands to relieve muscles that are tender, tight or have trigger-points. Unlike any other product, the curved design and elongated handles allow the user to control the exact location and amount of pressure applied. Perfect for at-home use; using the TheraWand for self-massage allows a sense of control over your own healing, thus being empowered physically and psychologically. The TheraWand has been used as a sexual device for stimulating the G-spot and P-spot (prostate). Therapeutic use of the TheraWand can reduce core stress, increase sexual health, and generally improve the quality of life.