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I use the wand extensively and recommend it highly to my patients. 


No question! Think it is a great product and recommend to my patients! Thanks!  

-Lauren, DPT, PT

"When I first saw the LA-Wand and the V-Wand I knew I had to offer it on my website to my pelvic pain customers. I was shown this product by my mother, who has had numerous prolapse surgeries. As the owner of the VuVa Vaginal Dilator company, it is important to me to offer a wide variety of pelvic pain products that encompass all levels of care that are safe. The LA-Wand and the V-Wand are made here in the USA which is very important to my customers base.There are no side effects as well. This company was created based on the foundation of helping women across the globe who suffer from pelvic pain. Thank you for such a great product and company."​

-Tara Langdale-Schmidt ​

President, Vuvatech LLC​

"I have been using the Pelvic Therapies products for over 5 years and have helped so many patients achieve self care and management. The company has been great to work with and I can not recommend the products enough!”​

-Vanessa Vander PT, DPT



"As the owner of the largest centralized physical therapy pelvic floor rehab private practice in the United States, I am always in search of the “perfect” product for our women and men who suffer from pelvic floor issues. We recommend and use the TheraWand in many ways in our practice. It is an invaluable tool for empowering women and men to perform self -treatment and manage their quality of life issues more independently. Our staff finds the TheraWand  very useful to use with biofeedback during patient visits, and also to use immediately after internal manual release either vaginally or rectally, so that a patient learns how to reproduce the exact pressure we used during internal manual therapy.  We like the quality of the TheraWand, how easy they are to keep clean, and of course the beautiful packaging. Since we treat women, men and children with every type of pelvic floor dysfunction, I know we will find other ways to use the TheraWand  in the future. Thank you to Liz and her wonderful staff for making such a great treatment product!"​

-Susan Ramsey PT, MA​

Owner, Pelvic Floor Rehab Center of New England​

I'd suggested TheraWand to MANY women around the world who were members of our online program. My wand has changed my life. I had a severe prolapse following the birth of my second child and underwent a full pelvic reconstructive surgery. Being able to use my wand myself at home has truly changed my life and improved my athletic and sexual ability in addition to helping me avoid chronic pelvic pain. I'd love to partner in some way, become an affiliate, or try out any other products of yours. I've only used the LA wand, so that is what I recommend to women.  

-Kayley J. 


"The importance of an individual's ability to do pelvic health self care at home is critical. The Therawands are such a valuable tool for people to have at home that compliments and supports the treatment they receive from their pelvic floor therapist. This product is well made and easy to use and the customer service from the company is outstanding!"​

-Kim Vopni​

The Fitness Doula, Pelvienne Wellness Inc. 

"I am a pelvic floor physical therapist , and I frequently recommend the Therawand products to my patients for home use.  The curved wands work great for massaging out myofascial trigger points in the pelvic floor muscles that contribute to pelvic pain conditions, bowel ,and bladder dysfunction.  They are great for addressing difficult to reach spots.  I have personal experience using a wand to help relieve tailbone pain and pelvic floor muscle spasm that remained for years after a coccyx fracture.   After just a few sessions with the wand, my tailbone became much more comfortable in sitting.  The customer service at Therawand has also always been great.  I would highly recommend the Therawand products."

-Jocelyn Unger PT, DPT

"I've been a massage therapist for almost fifteen years, and have quite a bit of experience with external trigger point manipulation. I began having problems with chronic pelvic pain about two years ago, and, after seeing a number of different specialists, finally found some relief through physical therapy. My physical therapist is wonderful, but I found that receiving internal trigger point therapy once a week wasn't enough to correct the muscle atrophy I'd been suffering from. I ordered the Therawand, and using it daily for fifteen to twenty minutes (along with the stretching regimen given to me by my physical therapist) has finally turned the tide on my very long journey with pelvic pain. It is easy to use, and easy to clean. More, the staff at have been absolutely professional and a delight to deal with. I can't recommend this company and its incredible product highly enough."​

-Judith Pritchard CMT, LMT​

"Our customers treat a very specialized patient population and their first choice for a clinical massage product is the TheraWand! They appreciate the fine construction, shape and length of the TheraWand! It provides a comfortable solution to treatment in the clinic and for the patient at home. They also appreciate the professional packaging and clinical information to share with their patients. TheraWand has addressed the needs of the clinician and the patient very very well."

-Current Technology, Inc.​

"For me I prefer the weight and feel of the wand. I love the ball design and do not feel the cleaning of the wand is an issue at all. The wands should only be used by one person and not shared around anyway, even by therapists. I am adding an article on the wand to my new site in the next week or so. I am also stating that the wand is my weapon of choice when it comes to tackling CPPS and Prostatitis."​

-Karl Monahan​

"You have a brilliant product. It melds well into my treatment strategies and my patients have done very well with your ‘wand’."​

-Dr. Peter A. Philip

"The wands are the ideal solution for getting those harder to reach pelvic floor muscles like the obturator internus and the periurthral muscles and fascia (an important treatment area for patients with Painful Bladder Syndrome / Interstitial Cystitis. A straight dilator can’t reach them! They are a critical home exercise tool for my patients who need to work on these areas."​

-Heather Jeffcoat, DPT​

"As a pelvic floor physical therapist, it is critical to provide my clients with ways to manage their pain and self treat effectively for ongoing improvement and progress. I have found the wands to be very useful for self treatment and particularly necessary for the population of clients who hold their tension/stress in their pelvic floor.The design of the wands makes them ideal for self treatment of most problem areas commonly needing additional releases. I am very grateful to have this tool as part of my practice!"

-Amy Vander Linden​


"What I love, love, LOVE about the TheraWand (PelviWand) is its curved S-like shape. The curve of the wand allows the user to access all of his or her pelvic floor without having to constantly re angle the tool. It allows the user to access deeper parts of his or her pelvic floor without having to take it out to readjust. Although I specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy, I do care for all of my patients’ body parts, even not just the pelvis. TheraWand clearly does too!"​

-Fiona McMahon DPT

"I have been using the Pelvic Therapies products for over 5 years and have helped so many patients achieve self care and management. The company has been great to work with and I can not recommend the products enough!”

-Vanessa Vander PT, DPT​


"I purchased the Therawand at the suggestion of my therapist. I'm dealing with chronic pelvic pain and Pudendal Neuralgia and the Therawand has proven to be a vital part of my therapy. Frankly, I had my doubts about its usefulness but once I learned the proper procedure it has been a great help. Great product, thanks."​

-Raffael N.​

"I've been struggling with pelvic pain for over 10 years. It has effected my work, relationships and life in general. After giving birth 10 months ago I hit my limit.

I was referred for pelvic floor therapy for painful sex and postpartum issues. I'd tried massage therapy, accupuncture, yoga, and physio for 6 months with some improvement after appointments but symptoms would soon return. My physiotherapist recently moved to another city and I was switched to a new one who was much more aggressive in tackling the issue and who recommended the Therawand, having used it herself.

I've had it for about a week now and can't believe the difference it has made. My left side has almost completely resolved itself and my right has improved to where I can feel comfortable that if something is triggered I don't have to wait til my next appointment for relief.

Thank you so much for this amazing product. It has improved the quality of my life in such a short time. I can be the active mom I want to be for my son and that's worth everything to me.

Also...As an addendum a few days since my testimonial I also had my first completely pain free period in 18 years. I wish I'd known about this product long ago. Thanks again. I can't stress enough what an impact this has on my quality of life."

-Jade T.​​

"I’ve been suffering with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for over 2 years on a daily basis. I’ve researched Pelvic Floor physiotherapy and the methods used for releasing painful muscle spasms of the levator muscle. It made sense to purchase the LA wand and try to do the releases myself in the comfort of my own home, whenever the pain flared up. Not needing to wait to see a physiotherapist for relief, or needing to travel (sitting) made this an easy decision in making the purchase and giving it a try.

It works beautifully!

Very easy to get at that muscle spasm...

-Karen H.​

"Product does exactly what it is advertised to do – much to my amazement – the difference in pain level is amazing!”


"Thank you so much for emailing me and also sending the Premium TheraWand to replace the Essential TheraWand. I can not begin to express my appreciation for going out of your way to help me regarding my ordering the wrong size TheraWand. As I told you. I was a customer service supervisor for 37 years and you fulfilled the highest level of customer services. I will remember what you have done for me and will not only recommend your products and company, but only order from your company in the future. Again, thank you for your kindness and speedy resolution to my problem."​


"I just want to say thank you to Liz at Pelvic Therapies for her fantastic customer service. Liz has always replied quickly to any questions I have and has been really helpful. I would happily recommend this company and its product. Many thanks for your help."​


"Honestly, I wish every company were as considerate, supportive, and communicative as you have been. Especially for those of us with pelvic pain [and, in my case, being a cancer survivor], it is wonderful that 1) something like the PelviWand exists [you're one of a kind!] and 2) that you are truly dedicated to helping all of us find relief from pelvic pain. Every bit of support counts, and having companies like Pelvic Therapies makes a huge difference. This is one of the most unique products that targets a niche audience, but we're a niche who are so often ignored, and this product really makes a difference in so many people's lives. Anything that supports and advertises Pelvic Therapies is a winner in my book :)"​


"It takes a little bit to get the hang of it, but it's a really good product. I use it for my pelvic floor dysfunction 3 times a week to loosen an overly tight coccygeal muscle. It's very slender, so if you have total tightness down there, there's almost no pain with insertion. The handle design makes for a decent grip too. In combination with my muscle relaxers and doing this, my pain has significantly improved." 

-Ian M.​

"I was in so much pain and so confused about what was going on. I was misdiagnosed a number of time (I was diagnosed as having interstitial cystitis, which I don't). PT helped TREMENDOUSLY, and I've been using this wand on my own for over a year to prevent and alleviate any pain flares. This product is a lifesaver. I feel like I'm back in control of the issue and no longer worry about having the pain/wondering if it will ever go away."


 "Great for deep hip trigger points! Easy to use. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have deep, internal trigger points in hips from scoliosis and years of IBS where I inappropriately protected my core. Anyway, this thing has been a miracle. Glad my physical therapist recommended it." 

-Megyn B.

"Have been seeing a PT for two years to treat pelvic pain and IC. Last month she mentioned this product. I received mine last week and what a difference. Being able to release my pressure points has almost eliminated my pelvic pain. For the first time in several years, have been able to sleep through the night. And not afraid to participate in activities that might tighten things up, as I now have the ability to treat myself. Has absolutely improved my quality of life. Also highly recommend the instructional videos you can find online."​ 

-Charles S.

"As part of my regular physical therapy for pelvic muscle issues, my physical therapist recommended I buy a wand. Since incorporating the wand into my home treatment, my progress toward healthy pelvic muscles has increased steadily. I’m grateful to Pelvic Therapies for making a high-quality and durable product for women with my condition."​


"I received the wands and must tell you that they are great! I have not seen any other product that allows for the leverage that they do in accessing the internal muscles of the pelvis, in particular the obturator internus and even the attachments of the piriformis on the anterior surface of the sacrum. I noticed a difference immediately after using it. Thanks again for creating such a needed device!

-Timothy R.