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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

The fastest way to place an order is through this website. 

You can also email us at through the contact page with your full name, the item(s) you would like to purchase and a good shipping address. We can then set up the order and email you a link to complete payment.

You may also place an order over the phone. However, it can take up to a full business day for us to return your call. If you do place an order over the phone we process it through the same system as if we set up the order and emailed you a payment link. There is no difference between the two methods other than your personal preference. All information is entered in the same place.

When will my order ship?
Thank you very much for your inquiry and support of our products. Current back orders of the LA-Wand have delayed any orders of the LA-Wand placed after January 5, 2022 until January 20 through about February 5.

To approximate when your order will ship look at your order date. The closer it is to January 5, the closer to January 20th your order will ship. If your order was placed anytime AFTER January 10, your order will not ship until February 5.

How long does shipping take?/How much does it cost?

Thank you for your inquiry! We offer two shipping tiers within the US, Alaska and Hawaii included. Free shipping takes 3-4 days to most regions and expedited 1-2 Day shipping is a flat rate of $8.00*. The stated time frame is accurate for 95% of the US. Some places may take 5-7 business days for free shipping and 2-3 for expedited. We automatically select the best carrier for your order. Our partners include UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and a few other local carriers.


We do offer shipping internationally too. The time and cost depends on your specific region. You can simply add the items you would like to your cart, enter in the required information and before payment is required you will see a full list of options with times and costs.
If you would like to place an order over the phone, please call us at (844) 300-2193 (9am - 5pm PST).

Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship to Canada and Australia. VAT fees may be due are the sole responsibility of you, the buyer.

The time and cost of shipping depends on your specific region. You can simply add the items you would like to your cart, enter in the required information and before payment is required you will see a full list of options with times and costs.

If you are outside of the regions mentioned above please contact us for more information.

Where is the V-Wand?

The TheraWand brand is under new management and we are planning the production of the V-Wand with the same superior quality as as the new LA-Wand. We are hoping to have availability of the V-Wand by the end of this year.

In order to overcome the back orders we faced in the past, and continue producing a high quality product, our manufacturing processes needed rebuilding from the ground up with cutting edge solutions. This meant potentially pausing production and we are meeting that challenge now. While we worked to avoid a product availability interruption, this interruption manifested anyway. Navigating through Covid-19 has played a part in contributing to longer delays.
We do encourage anyone who may be interested in the V-Wand to give the LA-Wand a try. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

The LA-Wand can function exactly in the same fashion as the V-Wand! The LA-Wand also has dual ends. In fact, there is more of a difference in these ends giving a broader abilities.

The LA-Wand's,'bobbled' end is exactly the same width as the overall width of the V-Wand. And makes a very good 'handle' when using the thinner end. With it's thinner end of 5/8" inches, this wand was still the most purchased for female use. And because of the thinner release-end, this wand was purchased most often for male use as well. The thinner end is seen as less intimidating for insertion with tight vaginal issues and more. The upgraded LA-Wand's 5/8" inch end is now more rounded and less tapered (or pointy) as it was and has a more comfortable appearance.

Where is the Trigger Wand?

Thank you very much for your inquiry! The new Trigger Wand will be available after March 2022. Thank you for your patience. You can be assured that we will continue to provide excellent quality products. We will continue to provide updates about product availability and information on our site. If you would like email updates, please provide your email and we will do so.

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