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Frequently Asked Questions

Self-massage with the TheraWand empowers the user to control the exact amount and location of pressure applied. The brilliant release-ends make our Wands perfect for women and men to use intravaginally and/or intrarectally to gently massage Pelvic Floor Muscles that are tender, tight or have Trigger-Points.

The TheraWand products are the original premier pelvic massagers. 

Wand Information:

A TheraWand can be inserted vaginally or rectally. (For purposes of this document, ‘anal’ and ‘rectal’ will be used interchangeably.)  Each Wand has two release ends. There is a slight difference in the overall thickness between the V-Wand and LA-Wand.  The TheraWand® is 100% Acrylic which is many times stronger than glass and is BPA Free. Please see the individual product pages for a full description of the wands.

  • Overall thickness is 7/8 inches
  • Overall length is 8 inches
  • Finger-tip like end
  • Opposable thumb shape end
  • Tapered end is 5/8 inches thick
  • Bobbled end is 7/8 inches thick
  • Overall length is 9 inches
  • Elliptical tapered end 4 Bobbles end

Both wands are frequently bought by all genders. However, the LA-Wand is  purchased for rectal insertion due to the thinner diameter of it’s tapered end. The LA-Wand is also slightly longer which aids reachability.  

Either end can be used for insertion or as a handle. The different release ends are effective for internal massage and trigger point release and simply offer preference for the user.

 The V-Wand and LA-Wand come sealed in plastic and with a beautiful carrying pouch. Included with each is a pamphlet that contains general instructions and a product insert sheet.

Our other products are: 

Trigger Wand:

The Trigger Wand is inserted anally and was designed to reach front (anterior), side (lateral) and back (posterior) pelvic floor or intrapelvic areas. The Trigger Wand aids in reachability for larger individuals or individuals with limited mobility. General instructions edited by Elizabeth Makous MSPT included as well as a lovely carrying pouch. The Trigger Wand is the inspiration of Elizabeth Makous MSPT CLT PRPC.

Pocket Wand:

The Pocket Wand was created to be a simple and convenient travel companion, easily fitting in your purse or carry on luggage. The Pocket Wand’s ‘finger – like’ shape make discomfort and pain relief available anytime, anywhere. For instance, elevating one leg in an airline bathroom is a comfortable and effective position for using the Pocket Wand on-the-go.

Indications For Use:

Use the TheraWand® to relieve painful intrapelvic myofascial trigger points through direct, therapeutic manual massage techniques. The Therawand® and accompanying instructions are not meant to take the place of a physician or physical therapist’s advice.


For orders shipped within the US we offer shipping speeds ranging from 3-5 days to a guaranteed 2 Day. Please add your item(s) to the cart enter in your shipping information to see exact pricing.

For orders placed abroad, shipping may be limited to one speed. Please add your item(s) to the cart enter in your shipping information to see exact tiers and cost.

All packages are shipped discretely. Packages fit in most mailboxes or will be placed in your usual spot for package deliveries (front door, side yard, front desk etc.)  

Risks and Benefits: 

Please refer to your healthcare practitioner for specific instructions for personalized use. In general the product is used to manually massage painful, intrapelvic myofascial trigger points. 

Cleaning and Care: 

The Therawand® is made from 100% PMMA Acrylic. The product can be easily cleaned with gentle, disinfecting soap and warm water. Every Wand is disinfected before packaging and shipment. Do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals on the Therawand® or you may scratch the surface. Do not put the Therawand® in the oven or dishwasher or expose to extreme temperatures. For disinfecting wipes please see the Protex Disinfectant Wipes.  

Always clean the Therawand® before and after each use and before any other insertion, either vaginally or anally. Store in a clean, dry place. 

The Therawand® comes with a pouch for easy storage.


Persons with allergies to acrylic should not use the Therawand®. Please consult with a physician or physical therapist for treating specific medical conditions.

General Warnings and Precautions:

The device should not be used by persons who lack the mental capacity to comprehend and follow the instructions for safe use of the device.

Safety and effectiveness of use of this device has not been demonstrated in persons less than 18 years of age, or over 70 years of age.

Risk of microbial contamination: The device is limited to single patient use and should be covered with a new disposable cover before each use.

Risk of vaginal/rectal cross-contamination: Separate disposable covers and lubricants are to be used when inserting the device either vaginally or rectally.

Risk of tissue irritation/allergy: Patients with latex allergies should not use latex disposable coverings and, lubricants with spermicides or sensates should not be used.

Risk of overstretching/weakness of the anal sphincter and vagina: Patients should generously lubricate the insertion treatment area (i.e.) anal sphincter or vagina) and to slowly insert or remove the device.

Stop use immediately if the Wand is dropped even if no damage is visible.

Please refer to the instructional brochure for general instructions. For more specific instructions refer to your physical therapist or healthcare professional.


To protect the health of those around you please clean the wand prior to disposal. Please recycle the packaging. 

Locate a Pelvic Floor Therapist:

Find a physical therapist near you at: http://pt.womenshealthapta.org

This link has Men's Therapists too. 

The Contents Included In a Package:

  •  Wand in Sealed Plastic
  • Brochure including general instructions 
  • Carrying pouch
  • Contact Card

For general questions and feedback please contact us.

Info@therawand.com or 760-452-2321

For health related questions please contact a healthcare professional.