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Covid-19 Prevention Policy

We at TheraWand place the safety of our community, our customers, and our employees as our number one priority. 

As the proud manufacturer of our own products, we were able to authorize new real and stringent policies to make sure that our products and employees are not unintentionally causing harm.

All personnel, that are non-essential to production, have been delegated to work from home. All of our employees with duties in manufacturing and shipping are required to wear the appropriate protective equipment; gloves, masks, and outerwear. Materials from start to finish are never touched or exposed in a way which could compromise safety. All of our products go through a repeat wash cycle before being sealed in airtight plastic packaging. 

The outside of the packaging and shipment materials are only handled by gloved and masked employees. We have staggered the shifts in both production and fulfillment to allow for only those vital to operations and required safety regulation to be working one at a time. Social distancing is required, unless in the case of an emergency. 

During these difficult times we have also reduced prices in order to increase accessibility to needed tools to so many suffering.

Thank you again for your support of our products.