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We hope to be a part of your treatment plan and truly make a difference in your life with our high-quality acrylic wands!

Therawand is the original creator of the brilliant and practical home pelvic therapy wand. We began our journey towards relieving pelvic pain and discomfort in 2012 when we recognized a way to adapt the ‘S’ shaped design of a wand used for G-spot stimulation into a manual massage wand for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Our life-changing discovery led us to reach out to physical therapists who helped us fine-tune the wand for various pelvic therapy treatments. Shortly following our discovery, the Therawand was born and ever since then we have been committed to helping men and women like you experience pelvic pain relief to promote sexual health and wellness.

Meet our founder Liz James

Starting Therawand was a natural fit for Liz because she believes in listening to people’s concerns and finding ways to help through exploration, experimentation, and collaboration. She became fascinated with healing and overall wellness early in her life. This led her to apply her interests in a school environment, and she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biology.

As a single mom of two, she made every effort to spend time with her children and often took odd jobs to support herself and her family. One odd job provided her with the opportunity to re-design a product used in the tantric yoga world. This led her to the development of the original pelvic wand with help from a group of physical therapists that helped mainstream pelvic pain and wellness.

Liz is proud to partner with her son Nick to provide each of their customers with safe products that truly make a difference.