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Our Story

Meet Our Founder

As a child and as a young woman I was interested in everything health. I achieved a B.S. majoring in Biology. I ended up starting a business right after college where I became a pioneer in distributing specialty and organic produce in Northern California. I did this for many years and then had my children. While at home with my children, I had an opportunity to re-design a novelty or sex toy product that was starting to be used by physical therapists and healthcare practitioners specializing in pelvic health. I wanted to make a product that had much higher quality standards. With direct input from several leading pelvic therapists, wands were created that employed much better torque and length for the massage and manipulation these specialists were doing with their hands. These wands are now the gold standard for trigger-point release and manual pelvic massage. I have tremendous gratitude for the genuine kindness and caring that the health and holistic professionals pass on everyday. 

Liz Janapol (Founder of TheraWand)