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V-Wand 2.0

V-Wand 2.0

$49.95 USD

Updated Design! Thinner and shorter for improved maneuverability. 

The V-TheraWand is a highly regarded therapeutic manual massage device designed with direct input from leading pelvic floor therapists. The TheraWand enables you to control the exact amount and location of pressure applied.

The brilliant curves and design make the V-Wand perfect for gentle massage. The V-Wand has two Release-Ends, that include an opposable-thumb shape for when greater surface area is needed and a finger-tip like tapered end for more precise contact. The V-Wand has a diameter of 6/8″ and measures 8″ long. This wand is designed for vaginal use. The LA Wand is the preferred wand for anal use due to its thinner width.

  • The V TheraWand is 8″ in length and has a general width of 6/8” making it perfect for therapeutic manual massage.

  • Two release ends include a finger-tip like end and an opposable-thumb shaped end.

  • Manufactured in the USA.

Our patented wands are made from high quality acrylic that is BPA free. Each TheraWand is inspected for defect-free craftsmanship. Package includes a beautiful carrying pouch. Made in the USA. Shipped discreetly.

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