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The LA-Wand has an overall thinner width of 5/8” inches and a length of 9” inches. The longer length of the LA-Wand is designed to contact difficult to reach areas with minimal effort. The ergonomically derived angles of the TheraWand's patented S-Curve design are proven for maximum effectiveness. The dual release-ends consist of a slim tapered end making insertion easy and comfortable. The other end has bobbles with a width of 7/8” inches. The end with the bobbles can also be used as a secure handle grip.

  • Easier than ever to disinfect
  • Improved glideability
  • More comfortable release-ends
  • Anti-Microbial Plus Surface

For over a decade the TheraWand products remain exceptional for their effectiveness and quality. The TheraWand is made from an advanced medical grade polymer blend of ABS and Polycarbonate, designed for performance and safety. Each wand passes through rigorous quality controls and is inspected for defect-free craftsmanship. Every order includes a a beautiful carrying pouch. The TheraWand is made in the USA.

**TheraWand® is available exclusively on TheraWand® product listings on other sites are imitation products. We stand by the quality and integrity of the TheraWand® brand.**