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Dear Everyone, 


Here is a short explanation about why we have decided to stop using Amazon as a third-party sales platform. The reasons for this are straightforward. First, we believe in our product! Both for its effectiveness and for its value. This is the biggest statement we can make.  

Approaching our 10-year Anniversary has taught us a few things. We have worked very hard to create a great brand. This will always be our priority. We manufacture in the USA and will stay committed to this. Our dedication has turned TheraWand into a recognizable brand, particularly in the sexual health and wellness communities.   

Amazon provides a sales platform that cannot be disputed for many kinds of businesses. They also charge high fees for each product sold and continues to envelope countless small businesses. Amazon’s development of an ultra-fast customer experience is done in a way that exposes its employees to health risks.  

Despite promises of action on issues such as working conditions and sustainable business practices there has been little commitment to real and rapid changes. We simply to do not want to benefit from an easy outlet if it means sacrificing principles. We aim to be a carbon neutral company by 2024. 

For the reasons above TheraWand will distribute its own products. We continue to take pride in our locally based but Internationally available customer service. We appreciate all your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from you at 


Liz Janapol 
Founder and CEO

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