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TheraWand Update.

Posted by TheraWand Editorial on

Thank you for your support and purchase of the TheraWand. We will not be able to ship your order in the timeframe we had told you. It is our guarantee to you that your order will be shipped.  If you choose to cancel, we will honor your request though we implore you to continue reading before you make that decision.

We made it through a tumultuous 2020 with your support. This year has been particularly fraught with challenges. Hurricane Ida, Covid related supply and logistic delays and now labor shortages. We rely heavily on the American Heartland for our manufacturing. This is not only a point of pride for us but required to produce the best quality therapeutic wands available.

We will only be producing a finite amount of TheraWands once our current backlog is satisfied  including your order. The price on the remaining inventory after we send your order, will increase by 20%.

Your order is secure and your pricing will NOT change. To  continue to offer the care and expertise that any of our customers deserve, all FUTURE pricing will increase to $59.00/each.

A small handful of our upper management is working on current production to get your shipment out as quickly as possible. 

We are more than deeply sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions please email us at We are more than happy to answer your questions personally. Please call us at (844) 300-2193 and your calls will be answered or returned in a prompt manner.

* If you choose to use this product therapeutically, our recommendation is that you should first consult with a physical therapist.

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    Thanks for the update 🫂

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