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The New and Improved LA-TheraWand

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Through collaboration with the wonderful customers and healthcare professionals we work closely with, we are thrilled to announce the newly designed TheraWand! 

This time of open communication with the community we serve helped to remind us of TheraWand’s single focus; to offer the highest quality products while providing simple and reliable solutions for people facing difficult challenges.

The first change we made was the shape. Designed with consideration to both men and women’s pelvic shapes. The anatomically sourced angles incorporated into the TheraWand’s patented S-Curve design are proven for maximum effectiveness. Just using the hands or fingers alone, without the advantages of the TheraWand's angles, will considerably reduce specific reachability.

The dimensions of the TheraWand are designed to maximize muscle relaxation. The width of both the tapered and bobbled ends of the TheraWand are in the small range where the body most easily accepts insertion into areas that are sensitive or uncomfortable. A bonus is the bobbles are arranged in a way that can provide dilation benefits. The contact points of either release end have been re-designed to improve comfort.  
The next feature that has been improved is the product material. We previously used custom made acrylic that was many times stronger than glass, non-porous, and would not splinter which is a common problem with other materials and even in commonly used acrylics. In addition, it was less static than a lot of other similar materials. This prevented the collection of dirt and debris which can foster bacteria. As great as the previous material was, it did have some drawbacks.

We have switched to using an advanced medical grade material, which is found in life saving devices. The TheraWand is even stronger than it was before, comparing in strength to metals. The new material is also scratch resistant. In addition, it has a shock rating far beyond the previous device. The TheraWand has a more anti-microbial surface and is nearly incapable of producing static. The surface of the TheraWand has improved glide-ability, making insertion and rhythmic use more efficient than before. Catching due to dryness has dropped too, meaning less lubrication can be used though of course this is a personal preference and recommended in clinical use.

One of the most sought after features we are excited about is that the TheraWand is now easier than ever to disinfect. Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and many natural disinfectants work great! Cleaning with warm soapy water is still recommended as the first step before and after use. 

We will begin accepting Pre-Orders now. These will be identical in every way to the full production TheraWand except there is a limited amount and they will ship about two weeks before the regular production wands. 

Due to supply chain difficulties impacting most manufacturers in the US, your order may not ship until November. We will do everything in our power to ship out as soon as we can. Considering this, we are thrilled to offer the following for your support of our company and helping to continue our mission of developing life-changing products.  

Price of $34.95 which is 20% off the regular retail cost ($42.95)

Limited time free access to some amazing health and wellness services we will be promoting. This could be at a savings of potentially hundreds of dollars. Plus, we will be offering occasional discounts to other amazing products and services for your pelvic health such as therapeutic classes, dilators, and more!  

Lastly, we are offering the opportunity to join our product testing team! Each pre-order will receive a code to register and a handful of people will be chosen to receive functional prototypes for review and feedback. Everyone is encouraged to apply!


The Team at TheraWand 



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  • MJ Strauhal, PT on

    Hi, there. Is there any chance of getting a free sample of this newer device? I would love to be able to show it to my patients- they seem more interested when they can see and handle the device first. If this is possible, please send to
    MJ Strauhal PT, DPT, BCB-PMD
    Rehab Services Dept
    9135 SW Barnes Rd #362
    Portland OR 97225

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