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Introducing the TheraWand® Dios Mio!

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Introducing the TheraWand® Dios Mio!

The Dios Mio is the first two-in-one personal wand and dilator ever made.

The ergonomic angle of the Dios Mio's release end is proven and effective. Designed with consideration for both men and women’s pelvic shapes; the leverage gained plus the perfect spacing of the three bobbles improve upon using just fingers alone. 

All angles and dimensions of the Dios Mio are designed to maximize muscle relaxation. The widths of the dilation ends are in the ideal range to provide benefit without painful overstretching. The release end doubles as a handle that reduces hand and wrist strain when using the dilation end. A bonus is the bobbles themselves are arranged in a way that can provide dilation benefits. 

The dilation ends are available in widths of 7/8" and 1". Both versions have a length of 11” and a straight part that is 6” in length. The curved bobbled end provides an ergonomically optimal handle when using the dilation side with its gentle tapered end for insertion. The clear Dios Mio is the first ever TheraWand with 1" bobbles. 

TheraWand® Dios Mio Personal Massage Wand and Dilator

In addition to being able to be used for two distinct purposes, the Dios Mio makes an excellent product for those with limited mobility because of its longer length.  

Made with a custom cast acrylic that is many times stronger than glass, non-porous, and does not splinter (which is a common problem with other materials and even in other commonly used acrylics). The Dios Mio produces almost no static. This prevents the collection of dirt and debris which can foster bacteria. The Dios Mio will not bend or deform upon insertion.

The Dios Mio is the highest quality dilator around. The weight, quality and craftsmanship provide an unparalleled therapeutic experience. 

Order yours today!

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