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How do you use a pelvic floor wand?

Posted by TheraWand Editorial on
How do you use a pelvic floor wand?

A pelvic floor wand is used for internal massage for addressing painful myofascial trigger points and alleviating pelvic pain. Using a pelvic floor wand can be an important component of what physical therapist’s do when treating pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pelvic pain. Treatment would focus on resolving the myofascial trigger points, resolving pain, and restoring function. A physical therapist can directly find tender points or myofascial trigger points (areas of tight muscles that can refer pain to other areas) in the pelvic floor area. Treatment often consists of advanced myofascial release techniques including intravaginal or intrarectal (internal) massage. An important part of your therapy may be instruction in a home exercise or massage program. Rehab and self massage devices that help apply direct pressure to self release the trigger points are employed. 

The use of a pelvic floor wand in home therapy may also be combined with relaxation techniques and deep breathing to calm the nervous system which could be in a flight or fight pattern causing a cycle of stress and related pain.

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