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From the makers of the original TheraWand V-Wand

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From the makers of the original TheraWand V-Wand
To Whom It May Concern:
Leaders in the pelvic therapy community have noticed a product that infringes on the design of the TheraWand’s V-Wand, which is owned and patented by Pelvic Therapies, Inc. Further, is protected under copyright law.
On a regular basis other inferior knock-off products are brought to our attention because of breaking, splintering an/or peeling. Normally, these other companies cannot produce at scale. However, manufacturing of these products is now being outsourced to the adult industry in China.
We implore anyone who wishes to use products that are not the original TheraWands to verify the type and source of material being used, as well as the construction of the interior components and manufacturing oversight to ensure quality and safety. With regard to electronic products, make sure they pass the United States requirements for consumer electronic products.
The Team at TheraWand

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