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Chronic Pelvic Pain Flare Ups

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The Yin and the Yang of Experiencing Pelvic Pain

'Accepting that "a flare up" is not forever - We all have good and bad days is various ways. This is an absolute given with Chronic Pelvic Pain sufferers - good days are cherished as much as they are vital. Good days invigorate the spirit and they make the day to day struggle all worthwhile - a reward for effort, and a sign of how things can be.

Bad days are the exact opposite - a kick in the guts, and feelings of helplessness and catastrophic thinking generally prevail. In my experience, a bad day[s] generally coincides with a flare up which is associated with higher levels of pain and greater dysfunction. It's often impossible to relate the flare up to a specific cause, and often the anxiety of being in a flare up is a feeder to the problem itself. Bad thoughts prevail on bad days - "I hope it goes away", "What if it doesn't go away?", "How long will it last?" 

I think the most important thing a sufferer can do is to accept that a flare up is neither and unusual nor a negative thing and that they do not represent the majority of the passing time or the future for that matter. In fact, flare ups may even be a process to recovery, in as much as they are a signal from the body to change something. Deciphering the code is the trick, and having a strategy plan which is centered on calming the soul is a good start.'

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