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Can vaginal atrophy be reversed?

Posted by TheraWand Editorial on
Can vaginal atrophy be reversed?

Yes! Vaginal atrophy can be reversed! 

No! You don’t have to get expensive high tech Vaginal “rejuvenation” procedures to cure it! In fact, studies have shown no proof of efficacy and there are risk of unwanted side effects.  

Reversal of vaginal atrophy is possible and requires a team approach.  A medical provider can do hormone testing and prescribe systemic or vaginal hormone creams.  A specialized pelvic health physical therapist can assess the atrophy and recommend natural vaginal hydration lubricants as well as perform manual therapy techniques to mobilize the inflamed vaginal tissues. Loosening the thin and inflamed vaginal tissue can be very helpful to reinstating the natural blood supply. 

Your PT will be able to guide and direct a specific pelvic floor and dynamic core stabilization exercises program. The absolute best way to supercharge your pelvic floor muscle strength and blood flow is through Internal Electrical Stimulation using the Makous Protocol.  Http:// This is a fast and efficient way to re-oxygenate the region, heal and “rejuvenate”the Vaginal tissues naturally!

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