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A Message from our COO

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My name is Nicholas James. I am the Chief Operating Officer at TheraBrand, LLC., the manufacturer and distributor of the TheraWand and other therapeutic wands. I am ultimately responsible for the manufacturing and logistics of our products. I had coordinated with our marketing and customer service team that pre-order shipments would begin this week. That was a mistake, my mistake, and I must apologize for a false promise to you. 

You may have heard that American supply chains are backlogged. Ships are waiting at ports; people cannot get basic goods and services. While there are factors outside of our control, in hindsight we should have been able to send your pre-orders out the past few days. 

We manufacture everything in the USA. We rely on raw material from southern US States, which were severely impacted by Covid-19 and a powerful hurricane. We navigated through that better than most other companies using the quality of materials we do. 

Our manufacturing facility is in a different state from our primary shipment hub. Normally, it takes at most 5 days to get product from one location to the next. Since we are a rather small company we rely on third-party freight and transport services. With the logjams we were told two to three weeks, longer than we have ever had to wait. There just aren’t enough shipment operators to handle demand. 

Now, this is where I messed up. 

In an attempt to use faster and less costly transport I drafted an unnecessarily complex shipment process using multiple vendors to cut time from that two to three weeks down to a few days. I underestimated the risk involved and now the first batch of TheraWands are essentially stuck in transport in the Midwest. 

We are doing everything we can to expedite the process and get them shipped out to you. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who pre-ordered. Because of you we were able to keep our amazing employees. I know it has been a challenging two years for everyone. The last thing I ever meant to do was delay getting you a helpful product. Your support motivates us to keep innovating and getting better at what we do. Thank you.

To try and make up for this delay every pre-order is being upgraded to Expedited 1-2 day shipping. If you’re an international customer we are upgrading your order to the most reasonably fast available to your country, expect 4-5 days.

If you had already selected expedited shipping for your pre-order we are going to include a bottle of free lubricant, either Aloe Cadabra or Good Clean Love.

We will be sending updates on a new shipment time. Right now, the estimate is the first few days of November.

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience and any hardship this has caused. Thank you for your support.


Nick James

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  • Kevin on

    I have a draft from my bank for $37.65 for a thera wand I ordered on September 22, 2021. Here is the line item from my bank – 09/22/2021
    Check Card Purchase / SP * THERABRND USA HTTPSTHERAWAN NM Date 09/22/21
    I would like to know if I am in your system as having ordered a thera wand, given I am pretty sure I paid for one. I asked for it to be delivered to a different location than my home address. Please provide me an update.

  • Anonymous on

    Can we have another update? I live in Canada and am still waiting for my product.

  • julie on

    i ordered mine on october 21 and have had no updates

  • Tim Clinton on

    I ordered my wand on Oct 6th and have no updates. My number is -716-353-1666

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