Elementor #20506

The 1st Choice of Physical Therapists!

Designed with direct input from physical therapists,
the brilliant curves and dual release ends make the TheraWand an excellent therapeutic
internal massage product, perfect for releasing tension, ‘hot spots’ or trigger points. 

Our wands empower users to mimic what pelvic therapists do with their hands to ease discomfort and pelvic pain in hard to reach intrapelvic muscles. Using the TheraWand can be an effective part of a multi-faceted approach in treating Pelvic Pain and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, often isolating conditions. 

Each new wand is delivered sealed in plastic with an informational brochure and convenient carrying pouch.

TheraWand is also known as PelviWand.

The quality of our products and customer service are our top priorities.
We proudly manufacture in the USA. We welcome your feedback and questions.

"When I first saw the LA-Wand and the V-Wand I knew I had to offer it on my website to my pelvic pain customers. I was shown this product by my mother, who has had numerous prolapse surgeries. As the owner of the VuVa Vaginal Dilator company, it is important to me to offer a wide variety of pelvic pain products that encompass all levels of care that are safe. The LA-Wand and the V-Wand are made here in the USA which is very important to my customers base. There are no side effects as well. This company was created based on the foundation of helping women across the globe who suffer from pelvic pain. Thank you for such a great product and company."
Tara Langedale-Schmidt
President, Vuvatech LLC
“I've been struggling with pelvic pain for over 10 years. It has effected my work, relationships and life in general. After giving birth 10 months ago I hit my limit. I was referred for pelvic floor therapy for painful sex and postpartum issues. I'd tried massage therapy, accupuncture, yoga, and physio for 6 months with some improvement after appointments but symptoms would soon return. My physiotherapist recently moved to another city and I was switched to a new one who was much more aggressive in tackling the issue and who recommended the therawand, having used it herself. I've had it for about a week now and can't believe the difference it has made. My left side has almost completely resolved itself and my right has improved to where I can feel comfortable that if something is triggered I don't have to wait til my next appointment for relief. Thank you so much for this amazing product. It has improved the quality of my life in such a short time. I can be the active mom I want to be for my son and that's worth everything to me. Also...As an addendum a few days since my testimonial I also had my first completely pain free period in 18 years. I wish I'd known about this product long ago. Thanks again. I can't stress enough what an impact this has on my quality of life.”
Jade Troost