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The Original Premium Massage Wand

Developed by Healthcare Professionals with years of experience. Compatible with all body types.

Easy to Use

Intuitive design where safety is engrained in our design and production ethos.

Long Lasting Relief

Proven and patented design that actually works.

Made in the U.S.A.

From responsibly sourced materials to the finished product. Following strict quality control processes.

Exclusively Medical Grade

Tested to be clean, safe, and hygienic. Made of advanced medical polymers.

Discreet Shipping

Your privacy is important, all orders are shipped in plain packaging.

TheraWand® V-Wand 2.0

The V-Wand has a new width of 6/8" inches and a length of 8” inches. The V-Wand's dual release-ends include an ‘opposable-thumb’ shape and a ‘finger-tip’ like tapered end for easier insertion and for more precise contact. The V-Wand can be used vaginally or rectally and is often preferred for vaginal use due to its perfect width. 

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Premium LA-TheraWand®

The Premium LA-Wand has an overall thinner width of 5/8” inches and a length of 9" inches. The shape of the LA-Wand is designed to contact difficult to reach areas with minimal effort.

The dual release-ends consist of a slim tapered end and an end with bobbles. The bobbled end has a width of 7/8” inches. Colors options available.

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As part of my regular physical therapy for pelvic muscle issues, my
physical therapist recommended I buy a wand. Since incorporating the
wand into my home treatment, my progress toward healthy pelvic muscles has increased steadily. I’m grateful to TheraWand for making a high-quality and durable product for women with my condition.

Great for deep hip trigger points! Easy to use. Does exactly what it is
supposed to do.
This thing has been a miracle.

For me I prefer the weight and feel of the wand. I love the ball
design and do not feel the cleaning of the wand is an issue at all. The
wands should only be used by one person and not shared around anyway. I am also stating that the wand is my weapon of
choice when it comes to tackling CPPS and Prostatitis.

Why Choose TheraWand®?

Made in the Midwestern USA using cutting edge manufacturing and material, we guarantee safety and performance. We are confident that the design and function of the TheraWand® make it the best of its kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean the product?

    The LA-TheraWand can be easily cleaned with gentle, disinfecting soap and warm water. Isopropyl alcohol (70% or lower concentration) and Hydrogen Peroxide (3% or lower concentration) may be used. Natural disinfectants such as grapefruit seed extract are also usable. Make sure any residue from cleaning agents are completely removed before use.  These instructions are for the LA-TheraWand only.

    For all other products please see product specific guidance on care and cleaning.


  • What are the TheraWands made of?

    The LA-TheraWand is made of an advanced medical grade polymer blend. The LA-Wand can be easily cleaned with gentle, disinfecting soap and warm water. Isopropyl alcohol (70% or lower concentration) and Hydrogen Peroxide (3% or lower concentration) may be used. Natural disinfectants such as grapefruit seed extract are also usable.

    All other wands are made of bespoke cast acrylic which is many times stronger and safer than glass or other acrylics. Warm soapy water and natural disinfectants work great on these products.

  • Should I use lubricant with my wand?

    Absolutely, lubricants are always encouraged. Any lubricant should work well. However, water based formulas will be easier to clean than oil based. Water based lubricants are also commonly preferred by healthcare practitioners.

  • How long does shipping take?

    Orders placed by 1 PM Mountain Time are shipped the same day. Orders placed after that are shipped the next business day. We partner with several shipping companies around the U.S. so that all orders are delivered discreetly, in 2-3 days. Shipping outside the US takes approximately 10 days. We also offer expedited shipping options if needed. 

  • I'm outside the US, can I still order this?

    We currently only ship within the US, US territories, and Canada. If you are located outside these regions please contact us for more information.

  • More Questions?

    Contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback you have! We respond to all inquiries within one business day.