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The LA-Wand

The LA-Wand has an overall thinner width of 5/8” inches and a length of 9” inches. The longer length of the LA-Wand makes it extra useful for larger individuals or for those with limited mobility. The dual release-ends consist of a slim tapered end making insertion easy and comfortable. The other end has bobbles with a width of 7/8” inches. The end with the bobbles can also be used as a secure handle grip. The LA-Wand is often preferred for anal use or with a narrow vaginal shape due to its thinner width. 

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The V-Wand

The V-Wand has a thicker width of 7/8" inches and a length of 8” inches. The V-Wand's dual release-ends include a wider ‘opposable-thumb’ shape and a ‘finger-tip’ like tapered end for easier insertion and for more precise contact. The V-Wand can be used vaginally or anally and is often preferred for vaginal use due to its thicker width. 

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Thanks for all you do!!! I have many happy patients and I take my sample wand everywhere I go to speak so I can show women (and men) that’s it’s an option. I appreciate the product so much!   

I'd suggested TheraWand to MANY women around the world who were members of our online program. My wand has changed my life. I had a severe prolapse following the birth of my second child and underwent a full pelvic reconstructive surgery. Being able to use my wand myself at home has truly changed my life and improved my athletic and sexual ability in addition to helping me avoid chronic pelvic pain. I'd love to partner in some way, become an affiliate, or try out any other products of yours. I've only used the LA wand, so that is what I recommend to women.  

No questions! Think it is a great product and recommend to my patients! Thanks!  

Why Choose TheraWand?

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality products. Made 100% in the USA, we can guarantee that you are getting a product worth spending your money on! With purchasing a pelvic wand from us, you know you are getting an authentic product.

Order a TheraWand today!  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the products?

    The LA-Wand and the V-Wand are exceptional for intra-vaginal and intra-rectal massage and trigger-point release.  

    The V-Wand is often referred to as the vaginal wand and is slightly thicker than the LA-Wand. The V-Wand has a 7/8” inches width and is 8” inch long. 

    The LA-Wand is often referred to as the long anal wand and is a little thinner than the V-Wand. The LA-Wand has a thinner 5/8” inches width and is 9” inch long. The LA-Wand is also a great product for vaginal (narrow shape) use. The LA-Wand is purchased by both women and men but is often preferred by men. The LA-Wand is also well suited when women require anal therapy. The LA-Wand is very useful for larger individuals or those with limited mobility. 

  • I am a male, which wand should I get?

    Either the V-Wand or the LA-Wand. The LA-Wand is generally preferred by men as it’s shaft is narrower at 5/8” inches and it’s length is 9” inches which can aid in reachability. The V-Wand has a width of 7/8” and has a length of 8” inches.  

  • I am a female, which wand should I get?

    Either the V-Wand or the LA-Wand. The V-Wand has a width of 7/8”. The LA-Wand is slightly longer and has a narrower width of 5/8". The LA-Wand may be preferred for a narrow vaginal shape and/or for anal use or therapy.  

  • I'm still unsure, what product is best for me?

    We recommend consulting with a physical therapist or healthcare practitioner that specializes in pelvic therapy for individualized instruction and treatment. Google is great for searching for physical therapists in your area with specialties in pelvic therapy. Check out the TheraWand resource page and use your zipcode to find available physical therapists and other healthcare practitioners. 

  • Should I use lubricant with these?

    Absolutely, lubricants are always encouraged. Any lubricant should work well. However, water based formulas will be easier to clean than oil based. Water based lubricants are more often   recommended by healthcare practitioners. TheraWand has a good selection of water-based lubricants.  

  • How do I clean the product?

    Never use alcohol or harsh detergents as this will damage the wand. Please clean the TheraWand only with warm water and soap. A natural disinfectant such as grapefruit seed extract may also be used.  

  • Where can I get more detailed instructions?

    A pamphlet with suggested use instructions are included with each order. Excellent instructional videos for the V-Wand, the LA-Wand and the Trigger-Wand can be found on the resources tab.  

  • I need to find a PT (physical therapist) do you have a referral?

    Google is great for searching for physical therapists in your area and will list specialties in pelvic therapy. Check out the TheraWand resource page and use your zipcode to find available physical therapists and other healthcare practitioners.   

  • What is the difference between the LA and Trigger Wands?

    The LA-Wand is the most popular choice by men. See above for more detailed description and dimensions of the LA-Wand.  


    The Trigger Wand is a specialized massage wand designed for rectal use. It is a much longer wand than the LA-Wand. Its shape allows the user to reach the sides, front and back of internal anal musculature. We recommend viewing the instructional video for the Trigger Wand before making an order. 


    The Trigger wand is also a great external or back massage product allowing the user to locate and put the desired pressure on hard to reach areas.  

  • What are the TheraWands made of?

    The TheraWand products are made from high quality, body safe acrylic.

    Acrylic is 10-20 times stronger than glass and highly resistant to wear versus a material such as silicone.

    The TheraWand maintains a consistent quality that is second to none. We pride ourselves on manufacturing in the USA, from material sourcing to the finished product.  

  • I’m a PT and would like a sample, do you offer this?

    We often will provide a sample upon request. Please provide us with a written request and include your clinic’s contact and mailing address, as well as your PT contact information. Please make sure to state your sample wand preference, the V-Wand or the LA-Wand. 

    Please contact us directly via email or phone if you have further questions. We’re happy to help!